I use this medication after the day before yesterday my gallbladder is removed, I take three tablets a day and it helps well against the pain. You become a little drowsy and dizzy but otherwise no side effects.

Tom McCoy

After falling, my nose was broken and my cheekbone broken in two places. Operatively placed 2 plates for support. After the operation, the first week had a lot of pain and combated with Tramadol. It is very effective and provides instant pain relief (within half an hour).

Regina Wordock

After trying a number of different medications, I was prescribed Tramadol. The first week was very satisfied with this medicine. Completely from my complaints and hardly any side effects. It is by far, the best pain relievers i have ever taken for my problem.

Joshua King

After years muddling through, now finally I got a painkiller so I can function normally again! Tramadol suppresses the pain for 90%. I use 2 to 3 times a day. Feel often (fine) woolly and cheerful after use. Thanks, Tramadol!


I was prescribed tramadol for a blocked back and low back pain due to osteoarthritis, radiating to the left hip. This medication has some really amazing painkilling mechanisms. I am satisfied and relaxed with a daily dosage of 100 mg.

Irina Samantha

I was suffering from severe migraine from past 7 long years. I tried everything to get rid of this pain. Then i came to know about Tramadol. This is one of finest pain relieving medication I have come across.